Direct – Fast – Efficient – Instant Talk

One Touch Instant Communication, Connect with One Person Or Several In Less Than ONE second.  Virtually No Distance Limitations!  Across the Street Or Around The World.  Welcome To FreqTel-PTT.  

Push-To-Talk Systems For Business Use

Welcome to FreqTel-PTT – for business communications.  We offer Push-To-Talk products and applications, which will enhance and improve the way your team connects. Peak provides our clients with the tools, and support needed to be up and running fast, in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

FreqTel provides advanced IP based PTT systems for small, medium and enterprise businesses

FreqTel offers intuitive and easy to use systems, built for business, we leverage the internet, cellular data, and Wi-Fi networks to transmit voice over the internet.  We provide Instant talk, location monitoring, and emergency alert notifications

Whether you need local, nationwide, or even worldwide coverage. We have you and your business covered.

Call us today, and learn how FreqTel-PTT solutions will transform the way your business communicates.


Why FreqTel Push-To-Talk?


Eliminate Distracted Driving…


Return On Investment

Company cell phones, and land mobile radio systems can be expensive to acquire and maintain. FreqTel-PTT offers several cost effective solutions, that will have a X-factor in savings to your organization.

network radios

Local, Nation, and Worldwide Coverage

From main street USA, Coast-to-Coast, North America, and around the Globe, unify and simplify the way you talk.

Lightning Fast Communications

Simple and easy to use, allows for instant communication with a select group of users, or even privately, for one-on-one communications. Transmit and be heard within milliseconds.

Location Awareness

Real-Time GPS tracking for accurate and complete visibility of your most valuable assets - your people.

SOS Notifications

All of our radios provide instant SOS notifications and emergency event management from PC Dispatch control panel.

PC Dispatch Software

From any internet connected PC - talk to, monitor, locate, and handle emergency SOS notifications and events for your entire fleet.

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