What is FreqTel-PTT?

FreqTel-PTT offers state-of-the-art network radio network service. Utilizing 3g/4g/LTE and WiFi networks, our radios provide worldwide communication without any range restriction. Each radio works with a SIM card (not included) and uses GSM/3G/4G /LTE, and some models work with a WiFi signal. This means that you don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive radio infra-structures, like repeaters, antennas, or leasing sites. All of the network infra-structure is provided by the GSM carrier.

Courier, Taxi, Limo Service, Tow truck, Railway, Airport, Seaport, Light rail, MRT, Logistics

Constructions Site, Cement delivery, Electrical, Excavating, Plumbing, Roofing

Security Services
Patrol Guard Service, Hotel, Condo, Offices, Factory, Sports events, Education, Fire Service

Restaurant, Hotel, Resort, Shopping mall, Supermarket

Police, Sheriff’s Departments, Public Works, Water Departments

Private users
Many private customers use our service to stay in touch with family and friends

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